Our School Values

He Karoro inu tai Rere whakateka muri ake nei pumau akonga

Karoro students drink from the tide of knowledge and fly into the future as life-long learners

Responses to community surveys clearly identify that the community’s vision for their students is that they will leave Karoro School with a strong base in literacy and numeracy, with a love of learning, with the ability to accept challenges, with competence in using I.C.T. to support learning, with life skills, and with the knowledge, skills, confidence and commitment to become effective life-long learners who can live and work with others to participate and contribute in the rapidly changing world they will live in.

School values are actively addressed in programmes of work.

At Karoro School, we value:

Innovation, inquiry, curiosity.

We will:

  • ask questions and look for answers
  • take risks
  • investigate
  • research, create, reflect, adapt
  • think outside the square.

Community and participation.

We will:

  • work and play co-operatively
  • get involved in school and community groups, activities and opportunities
  • put our hands up for jobs we can do
  • take opportunities to give back to our community


We will:

  • accept the way others are and treat them fairly
  • support and value others
  • resolve our disagreements in a fair and polite way
  • care for others
  • use our manners in all our actions and interactions
  • develop respect for ourselves.


We will:

  • come to school with all the gear we need for the day
  • take care of our own and other people’s belongings
  • make sure we do our jobs and complete our tasks to a high standard
  • follow instructions carefully
  • have a tidy, well organised work space
  • care for others.

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