Board of Trustees and the P.T.A.

Presiding Member: Mrs Suzi Taylor

Secretary: Ms  Leonie  Guerin

Treasurer: Ms Lisa Casey

Parent Representatives: 

Staff Representative: 


The Board of Trustees meets ten times each year, usually on the third Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m.

Meetings dates are advertised through the school newsletter.

Karoro School Parent Teacher Association

President: Cindy Newton

Secretary: Tracey Anderson

Treasurer: Hope Hampton

The purpose of the Karoro Parent Teacher Association is to raise funds and to organise activities to advance the educational opportunities for students at Karoro School.

This is a particularly successful group. The main fundraising event is the school gala which is held on the first Saturday of August each year. Whilst the main purpose of the gala is to raise money for school resources, it is a very important part of the school culture and very uniting for our school community.

The P.T.A. meets regularly and notification of the meetings is through the school newsletter.

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